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About Stone Builder - Architectural Stone Carving Marble Sculpture Facility

Architectural stone, involving carving techniques, has become an important building element in modern construction. Located in the City of Quyang, which is 150 miles from Beijing and known to be the birthplace of traditional artistic and architectural stone carving art in China, our architectural stone carving marble sculpture factory is one of the largest and greatest facilities in the country. The architectural stone carving  factory currently occupies over 100,000 square meters of plants, yard and studios, and employs over 150 highly skilled sculptors who had inherited their marble carving skills from their ancestors. All sculptors have gone through extensive and intensive trainings in modern arts.

Architectural Stone Carving Marble Sculpture Facility

Architectural Stone Carving Marble Sculpture Facility

Over 40,000SM stock yard makes it possible to stock a large selection of carved marble and architectural stone products, and to assemble your orders before being shipped

Large in-door plant ensures all season production


Architectural stone sculpturing and art marble carving are rather complicated processes. From fiberglass-clay modeling  to rough carving, smoothening, to fine tune, detailing and to final finish, a sculptor may have have to spend weeks even months to complete carving of one architectural stone product, such as fireplace, relieve and fountain. We manage each step of the carving process in a professional way to ensure the quality and artistic integrity of every hand carved architectural stone we deliver.

sculptor just created fiberglass model for an architectural stone item

sculptor is rough carving an architectural stone item

marble carving sculptor is smoothing an architectural stone piece

marble carving sculptor fine tunes an architectural stone piece

Sculptor just finished fiberglass model for an architectural stone item

A sculptor works on rough marble carving of an architectural stone piece

Marble sculpture sculptor is smoothening an architectural stone item

Sculptor is fine tune

an architectural stone carving component

sculptor details a architectural stone piece completed architectural stone piece sculptor is finishing up a architectural stone marble sculpture

Sculpture is detailing an architectural stone piece

after fine marble carving

An architectural stone carving work Completed.

The marble caving work by our sculptor looks virtually identical to the fiberglass model

Sculptor is finishing an architectural stone piece ready to be shipped

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